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Office box

Going to the office is now exciting. Our healthy snacks are perfect for making the office a place of well-being and providing good moments. We have a wide variety of healthy snacks, and we personalize your company's needs by selecting snacks that adapt to your employees' nutritional and flavor preferences.

Individual box

Engaging remote and in-office teams is key to your company’s productivity, health and happiness.  Show your appreciation and offer an individual personalized box of healthy snacks.

Gift Boxes

Surprise employees and clients with an exclusive selection of themed gift boxes. Make them feel special while you boost the team's morale and close sales.

Offer Gift Boxes

A food tech company

Delicious healthy snacks

Choose the number of snacks and the frequency you want to receive them.


Don't waste time shopping snacks. We have hundreds of healthy snacks with different tastes and flavours.

Always personalized

Don’t waste time choosing snacks and having the burden of thinking about what others might like. We use our algorithms to select snacks your team will love.

Ready to eat

Every snack comes in individual packaging, ready to eat, to avoid excesses and waste.

Add a personal touch

Show your team you care and highlight your company’s unique culture with a custom note.

No strings attached

Pausing or unsubscribing is super simple. There is no loyalty period.

No fridge

Our snacks do not need a fridge and can be placed anywhere in the office - that means no electricity costs!

No waste

The shelf life of our snacks is several weeks, avoiding food waste and bad smells of spoiled food.


Every person is unique, and so is every team. We use our artificial intelligence algorithms to personalize your box assuring that everyone will be happy and love the snacks.

The Best Healthy Snacks For You

Our total focus is you and healthy snacks, with no distractions, because we want to make sure that we have the best healthy and tasty snacks for you.


We use all feedback to create and improve our snacks. We are always innovating, testing hundreds of snacks continuously, and consequently, you will find the best healthy snacks you have ever tasted. Guaranteed.

Combining the strengths of humans & technology

We bring together nutritionists, snack specialists, data and algorithms to deliver the best snacks.

"We don't do without these snacks in the Oporto office! Mondays always have a special touch with the delivery of the boxes, always personalized, always with novelties, and delivered with the utmost punctuality. The arrival of the OH!My Snacks package is already a corporate event."

— Sara Loureiro from Adapttech

"The company where I work has a partnership with OH!MY Snacks! I can share that we couldn't be happier. Besides being tasty, the snacks are ideal for a nice break at work and a moment of relaxation among colleagues. The variety of the products is exceptional and the way they constantly create new flavors keeps all employees motivated to try more and more!!! And the best of it all? THEY ARE HEALTHY!! I 100% recommend it!!"

— Mafalda Rebelo from Cazoo

"We offered hundreds of Oh!My Snacks boxes to our customers at the end of the year and the feedback was incredible. Not only did we surprise our customers with a different, healthy and super tasty gift, but the entire distribution service."

— Nuno Reis from Subvisual

"OH!MY Snacks wants to make employees happy through their mouths… The perfect break for company employees, with personalized and healthy snacks."

— Jornal ECO