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Our Journey

Our journey began with a quest to tackle three common challenges: lack of time, information overload, and the tricky balance between taste and health. We knew people's lives often left little room for researching and buying snacks that were genuinely good for you. On top of that, navigating a market flooded with health claims could be overwhelming. And let's be real—nobody wants to choose between taste and health.

That's why Oh!My Snacks was born. We're here to remove those burdens, making it a breeze for you to relish in personalized, delicious, and nourishing snacks. We deliver these straight to your door, eliminating the time crunch and guesswork.

Since then, we've been on a mission to deliver joy and nourishment in every box, serving not just snacks, but a personalized experience that celebrates your uniqueness.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Welcome to Oh!My Snacks, where every snack tells a story – your story.

Why We Do It

Each person must be seen and treated as unique.
We ensure that you get personalized nutrition, where each snack is selected accordingly to your nutritional desires and needs. You save time, get delicious snacks and eat healthily. How perfect is this?

What Inspire Us

We are 100% inspired by you. Oh!My is the personalized snack service that evolves with your taste, needs and lifestyle.

But we're not just about flavor-packed bites; we're deeply committed to celebrating the joy of life, embracing individuality, and creating delightful "Uniquely Yours" moments with every bite. We get it—everyone's unique. So why settle for one-size-fits-all snacks? Discover the Oh!My Snacks experience that’s perfectly tailored for you.

How We Do It

You are always at the center of what we do.
We see your quiz and feedback and we pick the snacks that match your taste, needs, and lifestyle. You can expect to find a high diversity of healthy snacks in your box, always 100% inspired by you.

Be a part of the team

We are passionate individuals that care about enabling healthier diets and building a more sustainable food system. Are you a great collaborator with a passion for inding innovative solutions?