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Thematic Gift Box

Make Gift-Giving Easy with Our Thematic Snack Boxes! Explore our diverse options to please everyone. These boxes offer a pre-selection of snacks, what makes it distinct from our personalized boxes.

Best- Off

Send the year’s snack hits with our Best-Of Box. Chosen for their popularity and nutritional value, these snacks are the favourite of our clients and make a joyous gift for anyone.

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No Added Sugar Box

A great option to satisfy cravings, perfect for anyone looking to enjoy delicious treats without the sugar rush. Carefully selected to cater to all tastes, each snack is free from added sugars, combining health with pleasure in every bite.

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Vegan Box

Treat someone special—or yourself—to our Vegan Delight Box, filled with a selection of delicious, cruelty-free snacks. Perfect for those who embrace a plant-based lifestyle or anyone looking to enjoy some tasty, healthy treats without any animal products.

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Protein Box

They're training hard, so they must snack harder. Whether they're gearing up for a workout or cooling down after a session, this box offers the perfect mix of energy-refilling and protein-based snacks to keep you going

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No Gluten Ingredients Box

Gift the flavors of the season with our No Gluten Ingredients Box. It’s a thoughtful choice for friends and family who prefer snacks without gluten ingredients. Packed with care, these treats are a warm way to spread holiday cheer.

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No Chocolate Box

The No-Chocolate Gift Box is perfect for those who love diverse, healthy snacks without chocolate. Each snack in the box is a unique taste adventure, making it a great gift or personal treat. It's all about enjoying the special moments with flavors that are uniquely yours!

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Chocolate Lovers

Treat someone to the joy, with our Chocolate Lovers Box. Chosen by nutritionists, these snacks are a healthy, and full of flavor. A delightful gift for anyone who believes in a little chocolate happiness!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

For those who like surprises

"Those who like surprises can only love what they get. It's as if it comes from someone who knows you well and gets to know you better and better."

— Fernando

Oh!My Snacks Experience

"It has been an excellent experience. I love the surprise factor. It's as if it was Christmas every month! The snacks are tasty, the delivery is quick and the team is fantastic, with quick and personalized customer service. I recommend it!!!"

— Marisa

I love it

"I love being surprised with different snacks, trying new things thinking I won't like it but then, surprise! I love it! A huge variety of exciting snacks that fit any moment of our day."

— Ana