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Get snacks delivered straight to your office with our subscription. It's easy and saves time. Plus, our personalized boxes make sure there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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Receive a personalized box of enjoyable, healthy snacks for your team.

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Every team member can vote on snacks, refining selections for future boxes!

Healthy Snacks Approved by Nutritionists

Offer your team snacks that are not only tasty but also nutritionally balanced. Rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats, and lower in sugar and saturated fats. Our carefully portioned snacks, ranging from 150 to 250 Kcal, are designed to satisfy without overindulging.

Personalized, Powered by Your Team

Every team member can vote on their favorite snacks, making the selection process both democratic and engaging. This ensures a snack box that everyone will love. Say goodbye to guessing or trying to please everyone. With our voting system, your team directly shapes their snacking experience, and each box brings new, tasty snacks.

Variety for Everyone

Healthy means something different to each person. That's why we offer a wide range of snacks, ensuring there's something for everyone. From sweet to savory, gluten-free to protein-packed, our selection is designed to meet every unique need and preference — all convenient, all tasty.

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Get snacks delivered directly, no more snack shopping


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Individually packaged, grab-and-go snacks

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Stays fresh at room temperature

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Natural, long-lasting snacks. keeping your space clean


New snacks in every box for a joyful surprise

Why Oh!My Snacks?

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"The feeling of receiving a snack box in the office is just great! The snacks are delicious and perfectly aligned with my preferences! It's an excellent service!"

— Marta

The perfect thank you for the best customers

"We offered hundreds of Oh!My Snacks boxes to our customers at the end of the year and the feedback was amazing. Not only did we surprise our customers with a different, healthy and super tasty gift, but the whole service of distribution. Thank you."

— Nuno

Super personalised snacks

"Super personalised snacks, according to my tastes, sent comfortably to my workplace. A practical and efficient solution for me since I'm looking for tasty, versatile, and nutritive options. Recommend."

— Mário

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