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Cookies & Biscuits

Cookies and biscuits are the perfect snack for those who
want something sweet with a better nutritional balance.

They can be included in a morning / afternoon snack or as a healthier alternative to end a main meal / accompaniment coffee.

Between organic, vegan, no gluten ingredients* and no refined sugar options, all you have to do is choose the ones you like and that are most suited to your personal goals.

Cereal Bars

A category with enormous variety. Chocolate, nuts, fruit,
protein and much more. Various delicious combinations that provide a balanced amount of energy for your day.

Interesting options for a mid-morning or afternoon snack, they are also very versatile and can be combined with yogurts, puddings, smoothies, among others.

Vegan and no gluten ingredients options*

Most of our cereal bars are vegan and free from gluten or lactose ingredients, with nuts and seeds as their base and source of protein.



 In this category you'll find dark and milk chocolate
options; with or without filling; with pieces of fruit or nuts.

Sweetened with stevia (of natural origin) or maltitol, they combine the pleasure of chocolate with nutritional balance.

Vegan and no gluten ingredients options*

Vegan and free from gluten ingredients dark chocolate options are also available.

Dehydrated fruits

Delicious, crunchy dehydrated fruit. Made with 100% natural and dried fresh fruit.

With various flavors available, including combinations with chocolate or cinnamon to give you an extra touch of sweetness, this snack allows you to enjoy the benefits of fruit, either between meals or as a dessert for a main meal.

Vegan and no gluten ingredients options*

All our dehydrated fruit is vegan and free from gluten ingredients.

Dry Fruits

Mixtures of dried fruit (raisins) and/or nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts), these snacks are a naturally nutrient-rich option, indispensable for a healthy lifestyle.

Fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats are some of the benefits you can expect from this snack.

What's more, they're an interesting option for every moment of the day, to give you an extra dose of energy and boost your productivity!

Fruit Bars

Our fruit bars are made from natural ingredients, are vegan, contain no glúten ingredients* and no white sugar.

The combination of fruit with the oat and almond base gives you an interesting dose of fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are therefore a balanced and healthy snack, perfect to boost your energy levels.

Vegan and no gluten ingredients options*

Almost all of our fruit bars are vegan and free from gluten ingredients.

Fruit Balls

Tasty and nutritious, these fruit balls promise to satisfy your sweet cravings without compromising the balance of your day.

Made with a date base and fruit flavors, this snack allows you to enjoy the benefits of fruit in a practical and convenient way, anywhere and at any time.

Vegan and no gluten ingredients options*

Almost all of our fruit balls are vegan and free from gluten ingredients.

Cake & Pies

With no white sugar and a much more balanced nutritional composition than a conventional pastry product, our pies and cakes contain real fruit and/or vegetables to add nutritional density to your snack.

Ideal for those who want a healthier sweet snack but want to get away from the traditional version of healthy snacks!

Protein Balls

With a diverse range of flavors and textures, these protein balls will surprise you from the very first moment.

Carefully prepared with simple ingredients, they help you increase your daily intake of protein and fiber and your level of satiety.

Ideal for those who lead a more active lifestyle, but also for those who just want a snack balanced in macronutrients and with good satiating power.

Vegan and no gluten ingredients options*

We offer you vegan options based on wheat protein and others free from gluten ingredients.

Protein Bars

With a protein content of of at least 20%, our bars are good options for physically active people or those who want to increase their daily protein intake.

These bars have a soft texture, a refined taste and are nutritionally balanced thanks to the carefully selected ingredients.

They can be incorporated into your day as an exclusive pre- or post-workout meal, or combined with other foods that complement the meal.

Vegan and no gluten ingredients options*

You also have our no gluten ingredients and our vegan protein bars, made from a natural blend of vegetable proteins (rice and soy), ideal for those who are also lactose intolerant.
And don't worry, the pleasant taste and consistency remain!

Raw Bars

With various flavors and textures, these raw bars are made with simple, natural ingredients so you can fully enjoy your break and meal.

They are good sources of fiber to help you feel fuller and provide a variety of nutrients from the addition of fruit, nuts and oats.

Vegan and no gluten ingredients options*

Almost all of our raw bars are vegan, and are based on date paste and/or oatmeal. We also have no gluten ingredients options available.

Salty Fusion

Our savory mixes are a real blend of innovation and good nutrition: they combine cereal derivatives (e.g. Grissini, Bruschetta, Chips or Tortilla) and/or legumes (beans, broad beans and soybeans) with nuts (cashews, almonds or peanuts).

All to provide you with a source of energy that keeps you full for longer and adds several essential nutrients to your breaks.

In terms of taste, we guarantee a unique experience with each fusion, providing intense and aromatic combinations.

Spicy Fusion

In this category, you can count on balanced assortments with a spicy flavor to add an extra touch of intensity to your snack.

Colorful and explosive, they also include legumes, cereal derivatives and nuts to guarantee their full nutritional value, but they are for the more adventurous people!

Vegan options*

Most of these fusions are also vegan and suitable for lactose intolerants.



Our wafers are crispy and have a delicious creamy filling with no added sugar. They come in a variety of flavors to suit all tastes.

They are a light, practical and versatile snack for your morning or afternoon break.

Note: * Although we have snacks that don't contain ingredients with gluten or lactose, there is still the possibility of traces due to cross-contamination with other ingredients. If you are intolerant, please consult your nutritionist first.