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Cookies & Biscuits

Delicious cookies without refined sugar. From crunchy to sandy textures, they're the perfect snack for those craving a sweet treat

100% bio and vegan options available. Carefully made with ingredients from organic farming.

cereal bars

Cereal Bars

A category with huge variety. Chocolate, nuts, fruit, protein, and more. Several delicious combinations provide the necessary amount of energy to cope with the challenges you face during the day.

Vegan options

Almost all cereal bars are vegan, with soya as a source of protein. Lactose-free and no added sugar.



Dark, milk, and white chocolate. With or without cream. With pieces of fruit or nuts. The variety is real. With sweeteners from stevia (of natural origin) or maltitol, so you can enjoy guilt-free.

Vegan options

Dark chocolate, free of animal-based ingredients.

Dehydrated fruits

Delicious and crispy dehydrated fruit. Made with 100% natural fresh fruit, 100% dried. Plenty of options in this diverse category.

dry fruits

Dry fruits

Mixes of dry fruits, with an antioxidant option. A rich and natural must-have for your healthy lifestyle.

Mix up your daily dose of healthy fats.

Fruit Bars

Colorful and aromatic. 100% natural and vegan, with no added sugars. A summer favorite, for an epic and healthy day in the park.

Whether your preferred combo is fruits and veggies or fruits and oats, we got you covered.

Fruit Balls

Vegan, delicious and colourful, these fruit balls promise to satisfy your taste desires.
With various flavors to choose from, you can enjoy your daily serving of fruit, conveniently packaged for on-the-go enjoyment.

Cake & Pies

Delicious individual pies. No added sugar, with an irresistible crumbly texture.

You will taste real fruit.

Protein Balls

With a diverse array of flavors and textures, these protein balls will surprise you once you take a bite.

Carefully made with simple ingredients, you can raise your daily protein intake and satiety level.

Vegan options

Most of our protein balls are vegan.

Protein Bars

Low in carbohydrates (sugars) and high in protein, they are ideal for athletes and ordinary active people who need to replenish energy at any time during the day. The bars are extra soft, tasty, and healthy thanks to the original recipe and genuine ingredients.

Vegan options

Our vegan protein bars are made from a natural blend of vegetable proteins. These bars are free of lactose and added sugar. Nevertheless, they retain their great taste and consistency.

Raw Bars

With various flavors and textures, these raw bars are made with simple ingredients for you to enjoy.

They will satisfy your satiety levels with high protein and fiber.

Vegan options

Most of our raw bars are vegan.

Salty Fusion

Fusions of high-quality salty snacks. Be assured of a unique experience with each mix delivering intense and aromatic combinations.

Vegan options

Most of the fusions are vegan.

Spicy Fusion

Assortments of fiery healthy snacks in individual, hot packages. Colorful and explosive, for the adventurous.

Vegan options

Most of the fusions are vegan.



Crispy wafers with a delicious creamy filling. Different flavors are available, to suit different tastes.