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Who we are

We are 100% inspired by you. Oh!My is the personalized snack service that evolves with your taste, needs and lifestyle.


Made 100% for you

We take your preferences with our nutritionist’s expertise and AI technology to deliver your unique box of snacks.

No strings attached

Pausing or unsubscribing is super simple. There is no loyalty period.

An unexpected mix

We thrive for the perfect balance, because we believe that healthy also means tasty!

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Why we do it

Each person must be seen and treated as unique.
We ensure that you get personalized nutrition, where each snack is selected accordingly to your nutritional desires and needs. You save time, get delicious snacks and eat healthily. How perfect is this?

individually you uniquely for you

How we do it

You are always in the centre of what we do.
We see your quiz and feedback and we pick the snacks that match your taste, needs and lifestyle. You can expect to find a high diversity of healthy snacks in our box, always 100% inspired by you.

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founder of oh my snacks

The founder

Oh!My is an idea that arises from founder Ricardo's difficulty in finding healthy but tasty snacks, as well as the lack of reliable information regarding the nutritional value of food.

As a numbers geek, he’s currently in a serious relationship with the idea of making hyper-personalization the next big thing.

Be a part of the team

We are passionate individuals that care about enabling healthier diets and building a more sustainable food system. Are you a great collaborator with a passion for finding innovative solutions?