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World Heart Day

World Heart Day: Nutrition and cardiovascular health

World Heart Day is a date that makes us reflect on the importance of taking care of this vital organ. And since diet, along with other lifestyle factors, is one of the pillars of cardiovascular health, throughout this article we're going to talk about which nutrients and their respective foods, are most important, as well as which snacks from our portfolio can help make a difference in this regard.

Of course, it's important to note that promoting cardiovascular health by including healthy snacks in your day needs to be aligned with eating a balanced and nutritionally rich diet at the rest of your meals.

Important nutrients and foods for cardiovascular health

1. Fiber

Fiber is a very important component for health in general and cardiovascular health in particular, as it acts on several essential points, namely:

  • Promotes the reduction of LDL cholesterol;
  • Helps control glycemic levels (blood sugar);
  • Promotes satiety, good intestinal transit and digestion, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight;
  • Helps regulate blood pressure;

Among the richest foods in fiber are oats, fruit, legumes, nuts and vegetables.

In our snack portfolio, you'll find several tasty options that are good sources of fiber, including: 

  • Protein balls with whey;
  • Dark chocolate and coffee protein bars;
  • Raw brownie bars.

    Protein Balls
Image 1: Protein Balls Oh!My snacks

2. Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are also important nutrients for cardiovascular health, exerting some important effects particularly when they replace other less healthy fats (saturated fats):

  • Anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Promotes the reduction of LDL cholesterol;

The richest foods in omega-3 include oily fish, nuts and seeds.

Within our portfolio, you can find various options that include nuts and seeds, namely:

  • Raw bars and cereal bars;
  • Nuts Mix;
  • Cookies.

Mix Nuts oh!my
        Image 2: Mix Nuts Oh!My

       3. Antioxidants and Essential Minerals

      Also very important for cardiovascular health are antioxidants and some essential minerals, namely sodium and potassium.

      With regard to sodium and potassium, in healthy people, it is crucial to ensure a balance in their intake, promoting the intake of potassium-rich foods and limiting the sodium ones, in order to maintain better control of blood pressure.

      In this sense, it is important to reinforce the role of fruit and vegetables as the main sources of antioxidants and potassium, as well as other foods such as pure cocoa powder, legumes and nuts.

      Once again, within our portfolio, you'll find a wide range of options that can help you ingest these nutrients:

      • Cereal bars;
      • Salty mixes;
      • Dehydrated fruit snacks.

      Apple and cinnamon dehydrated fruitImage 3: Apple and cinnamon dehydrated fruit

       As an added advantage, all our snacks are based on restricting refined white sugar, as well as controlling the salt and saturated fat content, which are some of the main nutrients with a negative impact on cardiovascular health.

      To find out more about how nutrition and diet can influence your cardiovascular health, visit here (1).



      On this World Heart Day (and every other day of the year!), it's important that you take into account the inclusion of these healthy foods with cardioprotective nutrients in your meals, always combined with the overall balance of your diet and other important lifestyle factors (physical exercise, no smoking habits, low stress levels, among others).

      To help you in this mission, and since every food choice counts, there are Oh!My Snacks!

      Within our range, you have several options that you can include from breakfast to afternoon snack, combining food balance and taste with the convenience and personalization of our service.

      Visit our "Our snacks" tab to discover some of the options we have to offer, as well as the "Oh!My Snacks: Your Solution for Balanced and Personalized Snacks!" to learn about our method and philosophy!


      (1) CardioSmart. (n.d.). Heart-Healthy Diets. American College of Cardiology. Retrieved  September 26, 2023, from https://www.cardiosmart.org/topics/healthy-living/eat-better/heart-healthy-diets


      Rita Lima (CP.3003N)