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Oh!My Box

Oh!My Box

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We take it personally 👈

One solution doesn't fit all. We know that and we make sure to deliver a box of snacks that is unique for you. Based on your feedback, your box will evolve according to your taste, needs and lifestyle.

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Snack specialists 🍪

Our total focus is you and the snacks, with no distractions, because we want to make sure that we have the best healthy and tasty snacks for you. It's fundamental for us that you keep your healthy lifestyle without losing flavour, for physical and mental wellness throughout the day.

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Rate your snacks 👍

We use your feedback to create and improve our snacks. We are always innovating and have already tested 700+ different snacks. As such, you will find the best healthy snacks you have ever tasted, in your personalised box.


Thanks for making snacking so easy and fun

"I love getting my box every week. All snacks meet my nutritional needs and cravings; most importantly, they are absolutely delicious. Every week a new box, every week new flavors... endless alternatives, conveniently delivered to my office in a beautiful box. Thanks for making snacking so easy and fun."

— Fernanda trustpilot stars

I love receiving my box every week

"I love receiving my box every week! The snacks are delicious, the surprise of getting new snacks and the feeling that every box is made for me make me keep my subscription. I recommend this service if you’re looking for healthy and different snacks."

— Laura trustpilot stars

We’ve been Oh!MySnacks from the very beginning...

"...and our takeaway is that the service keeps getting better due to the fact they actively listen to their user base. By now I’m pretty sure they know what we like better than us. The quality of the snacks is on a steep curve that bends towards quality. The service keeps us satisfied because our needs are met, and they provide us with a little adventure as they test us with new snacks."

— Filipe trustpilot stars

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