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Gift Box

These are some of the gift boxes we have for you. Discover the other versions!

Sugar Free Box

A great option to satisfy those cravings without guilt – this box has tasty snacks with no added sugar.

Contains a selection of premium treats such as blueberry or apricot pies, cookies with cocoa nibs, protein bar with posh hazelnut, raw bar with salted peanuts, and many more.

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Vegan Box

A healthy box... but vegan! Offer this box if you want them to munch on some tasty goodies that are animal-free.

Contains a selection of premium vegan treats such as protein bar raspberry, protein balls with hazelnut cream, bio coconut biscuits, bio dried strawberries with chocolate, mix of salty beans with olive cashews, and many more.

Fitness Box

They're training hard, so they must snack harder. Offer them a proper box for their pre or post-workouts 💪

Contains a selection of premium energy-refilling and protein-based treats such as protein bar with caramel, protein balls with raspberry and milk, cereal bars with a base of chocolate, raw protein bar with salted peanuts, and much more.

What snackers have to say

For those who like surprises

"Those who like surprises can only love what they get. It's as if it comes from someone who knows you well and gets to know you better and better."

— Fernando

Oh!My Snacks Experience

"It has been an excellent experience. I love the surprise factor. It's as if it was Christmas every month! The snacks are tasty, the delivery is quick and the team is fantastic, with quick and personalized customer service. I recommend it!!!"

— Marisa

I love it

"I love being surprised with different snacks, trying new things thinking I won't like it but then, surprise! I love it! A huge variety of exciting snacks that fit any moment of our day."

— Ana