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The 7 nutritionist's favourite Christmas snacks from a dietary balance perspective

The 7 nutritionist's favourite Christmas snacks from a dietary balance perspective


Christmas is synonymous of tradition and foods such as cinnamon, almonds, walnuts and chocolate, among others, which are inevitably a regular presence at this time of year.

With this in mind, within the portfolio of snacks available at Oh! My, I've selected my favourites, based on food balance: 

  1. Protein Bar Cherry


protein bar cherry

 Image 1: Protein Cherry Bar


With a chocolate and cherry flavour, this snack is the bar with the highest protein content in our portfolio. Based on milk protein, it is a sugar-free, gluten-free snack and a source of fibre.

For these reasons, it is a satiating snack that can be used as a more balanced alternative to traditional Christmas chocolates and sweets, particularly Mon Cheri.


  1. Cookies Hazelnut
cookies hazelnut

 Image 2: Cookies Hazelnut.

Another Christmas classic is cookies and biscuits. In this category, I'd like to highlight our cookies hazelnut, as they have no added sugar, no lactose ingredients and are a source of fibre, making them a snack that combines the traditional taste of hazelnuts with a balanced diet.

They can be used as a dessert complement or as a small snack with a hot drink.


  1. Nuts and Raisins Healthy Mix
nuts and raisins healthy mix

 Image 3:Healthy Mix.

This snack is a true Christmas tradition, as it combines the crunchiness of a wide variety of nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews) in their most natural version with the sweet flavour of raisins, another very characteristic food at this time of year.

The main advantages of this snack are that it's a source of omega-3 and fibre, and it's a vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free snack, perfect for those who suffer from some kind of intolerance or adopt a more specific diet. 

  1. Cinnamon and Almond Protein Ball
protein balls cinnamon almond
Image 4:Cinnamon and Almond Protein Ball

By combining two classic Christmas flavours with the differentiation that characterises our protein balls, we have a less conventional but equally balanced snack that fits in at almost any time.

With a date and oat base, this snack is a good source of fibre and protein, helping to keep you satiated over time. What's more, it has no added sugars, gluten or lactose ingredients.

  1. Cake Carrot and Almond
cake carrot and almond
Image 5:Cake Carrot and Almond 

For those who really love sweets and cakes, our version of carrot cake with almonds is a solution that promises to surprise. As well as maintaining the tradition of a typical Christmas flavour, it has the advantage of being an alternative with no added sugar.

Perfect for a main meal dessert or simply a mid-afternoon snack.

  1. Salty fusion Garlic Addicted
Salty Fusion with Garlic Addicted
Image 6:Salty Fusion Garlic Addicted 

Entering the world of savoury snacks, we find this garlic-flavoured savoury fusion, which fits in perfectly with this festive season.

In this snack you'll find a combination of garlic bruschetta and garlic-flavoured cashews.  A source of fibre and omega-3, it's the ideal mix for those looking for a crunchy salty taste to snack on in a balanced and portion-controlled way. 

  1. Dehydrated apple with cinnamon
dehydrated fruit apple cinnamon
Image 7:Dehydrated apple with cinnamon

Finally, I'd like to highlight a dehydrated fruit snack with a flavour that is closest to the traditions of this season: apple and cinnamon.

As well as being a light, low-fat snack, it has no added sugar and is based on natural fruit. For this reason, it's one of our lowest-calorie snacks, especially for those who want to manage their weight this festive season.

It can also be used as a dessert for a meal, as a quick snack when you're really hungry or just as a "treat".



As you can see, at Oh!My Snacks you'll find a range of options geared towards Christmas flavours that are both balanced, portioned and energy-controlled.

Between sweet and savoury, we have several snacks available that can work as a light snack or sweet dessert for a main meal that are more balanced than traditional options.



Rita Lima (CP.3003N)