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Surviving the Holiday: Your Guide to Healthier Choices

Surviving the Holiday: Your Guide to Healthier Choices

The holiday season is synonymous with joy, family, and often overindulgence in food. Many of us struggle with maintaining a healthy diet and weight during this festive time.

But fear not! With some smart strategies and a bit of moderation you can enjoy the holidays and social events without compromising your well-being.

So how do you maintain a balanced eating routine during this festive month? Here are some suggestions:

  • Plan Ahead and Don't go to events/dinners hungry

    Holiday events can be a minefield of tempting treats, as they tend to offer a variety of foods that are higher in sugar and/or fat and in quantities that are not moderate.

    For this reason, it’s importante to plan ahead by eating a healthy light snack or a bowl of soup before you attend a party/dinner/lunch or the Christmas meals. This way, you’re not arriving on an empty stomach, making it easier to resist overeating.

  • Eat calmly and Embrace Mindful Eating

    The essence of holiday eating is not to deprive yourself, but to enjoy your favorite foods mindfully.

    This means giving preference to the foods you really like (and not just eating for the sake of eating), savouring calmly, and listening to the signals of hunger and satiety that the body gives you. It’s a question of balance, not restriction.

  • Hydrate Wisely

    Often, we mistake thirst for hunger. Keep yourself well-hydrated throughout the day, especially before a big meal. Choose water or herbal teas (with no sugar added) over sugary or alcoholic drinks to keep the calorie count in check.

  • Balance Your Plate

    When filling your plate, aim for a balance. Include generous amount of vegetables, some lean protein and a moderate portion of carbs. Don't exclude or exaggerate any of them. This balance will help you feel satisfied without feeling stuffed.

    You can also use a dessert plate to help you control your portions better.

  • Don’t Skip Meals

    Skipping meals to “save up” for a big holiday feast can backfire, leading to overeating. Stick to your regular meal schedule and include healthy and balanced foods to keep your energy and satiety levels steady.

  • Stay Active
    Keep up with your regular exercise routine during the holidays. A brisk walk or a quick home workout can help control the damage of this season.

How can Oh! My Snacks help you this holliday season?

The holliday season doesn't have to be a time of total lack of focus on food balance and health.

To help you, at Oh!My Snacks you'll find a range of healthy options, with controlled portions and energy values up to 250kcal.

Between sweet and savoury, we have a range of snacks that, because they are rich in fibre and protein, will help keep your appetite under control during the day, or simply options that can work as a light snack before a festive event so you don't arrive hungry.

And above all, remember, it's all about balance, moderation and really enjoying what you're eating. Savour the foods you really like calmly and try not to give in to the urge to eat everything you have available.



Rita Lima (CP.3003N)