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2022 and 2023... our customers' favourite snacks

2022 and 2023... our customers' favourite snacks

As another year comes to an end, it's always interesting to take a break to analyse and reflect on consumer trends and the snacks that have most impressed our customers, so that we can work on evolving our portfolio and, above all, improving your satisfaction!

Based on our individual personalisation of each box, all customers can rate the snacks they receive in their box. This system allows us not only to get to know you better each time and make the boxes closer to your ideal, but it also serves as a guarantee of the quality of the snack options that make up our portfolio.

 With more than 800 snacks already tested, our current portfolio only includes those with the best reviews. This is because our main mission is to deliver in each snack a combination of quality and food balance and options that turn your breaks into real moments of pleasure.

 And from 2022 to 2023, one thing is certain: although our customers' tastes have changed, their favourite snack has remained the same from one year to the next! So let's take a look at the snacks that made the biggest impression on you in both years.


The favourites of 2022:


  1. Protein Nuts with Caramel and Salt Peanuts:
    protein nuts
     Image 1:  protein nuts with caramel and salt peanuts Oh!MySnacks.

    This was the big winner of 2022 and repeated the feat in 2023! Combining the crunchiness of nuts with the sweet flavour of caramel and the salty tang of peanuts, this snack is a good combination of nutritional balance and a real explosion of flavour.

  2. Protein Balls with Carob and Hazelnut Cream: 

    protein balls with carob and hazelnut cream
     Image 2: protein balls with carob and hazelnut cream Oh!MySnacks.

    A balanced and indulgent choice. The main characteristics of these protein balls with a carob base and hazelnut filling are that they have no added sugars and are a source of fibre and protein. Their distinctive texture and combination of flavours have won over many of our customers!

  3. Protein Bar with Deluxe Chocolate: 

    protein bar with deluxe chocolate
     Image 3:  protein bar with deluxe chocolate Oh!MySnacks.

    For chocolate lovers, this bar is a dream come true. With high-quality chocolate, it provides a generous dose of protein, interesting for those who practise sport, but also for those looking for a satiating option for busy days.

  4. Salty Fusion Garlic Addicted: 

    salty fusion garlic addicted
     Image 4:  salty fusion garlic addicted Oh!MySnacks.

    Fans of salty flavours couldn't resist this delicious mix of cashews and bruschetta with an extra touch of garlic! A source of fibre, vegetable protein and healthy fats, this is a balanced mix for your breaks between main meals.

  5. Protein Nuts with Dried Berries:

    protein nuts with dried berries
     Image 5:  protein nuts with dried berries Oh!MySnacks.

    This snack is a perfect combination of nuts, a source of protein and healthy fats, and the sweet flavour of dried berries. It was a very popular choice with customers looking for a balance between enhanced flavour and a complete nutritional profile.


The favourites for 2023

  1. Protein Nuts with Caramel and Salt Peanuts:

    protein nuts
     Image 6:  protein nuts with caramel and salt peanuts Oh!MySnacks.

    As we've already mentioned, this snack has kept its place in the hearts of our customers. Based on nuts, it is a source of fibre, protein and healthy fats, providing a balanced meal in every sense.

  2. Cookies with Vanilla:

    cookies with vanilla
     Image 7: cookies with vanilla Oh!MySnacks.

    In 2023, customers were looking for more comfort and simplicity. And vanilla-flavoured biscuits are a classic that never fails. As they have no added sugar, they are a healthier option to traditional biscuits.

  3. Protein Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel:

    protein nuts with caramel and salt peanuts
     Image 8:  protein milk chocolate with salted caramel Oh!MySnacks.

    A real upgrade on ordinary chocolate. This chocolate bar with salted caramel and protein rose to prominence last year as an indulgent and nutritious option.

  4. Bio Biscuits with Cocoa Cream:

    bio biscuits with cocoa cream Image 9: bio biscuits with cocoa cream Oh!MySnacks.

    To meet your expectations, in 2023 we launched these exquisitely flavoured biscuits made with high-quality ingredients, which quickly became one of the year's favourite snacks. What's more, they have a much softer texture than the other options, making them a truly distinctive snack compared to the other options in the same format.

  5. Protein Milk Chocolate with Caramel:

    protein milk chocolate with caramel
     Image 10: protein milk chocolate with caramel Oh!MySnacks.

    Another protein chocolate option that won many hearts in 2023. The caramel adds an even sweeter touch to this option compared to the salted caramel version, but its nutritional balance is maintained, as it has no added sugars and is a significant source of protein.


As we have seen, our customers' preferences are changing, and in 2023 the snacks that best met your expectations were simpler, sweeter and the preference for protein sources with no added sugar increased in 2023.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that our voting system is based on an average of the evaluations given by customers who received the snacks adjusted to their individual preferences.

However, regardless of last year's top 5, at Oh!My Snacks, we remain committed to offering a wide range of options that cater for different tastes, as well as the convenience of having your snacks chosen by nutritionists, individually wrapped and delivered directly to your home.

After all, celebrating the unique also means celebrating the diversity of everyone's tastes.



Rita Lima (CP.3003N)