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Are Oh! My Snacks suitable for those who want to lose weight?

Are Oh! My Snacks suitable for those who want to lose weight?

A weight loss journey is often accompanied by many changes in eating routine and lifestyle.

One of the most challenging points in this change is snacking, because the most accessible and appetising food on offer is often nutritionally unbalanced and provides a high energy (calorie) intake, which can limit or delay the achievement of results.

And this is where Oh! My Snacks comes into play and can help you in this process.

How do our snack options fit into a weight loss process?

Although the process of losing weight includes several variables in order to be successful, mainly controlling the energy intake of the whole day, at Oh! My Snacks you can find personalised options focused on food balance that can contribute to the success of your results. Let's look at a few reasons why.

Adjusted energy value: Most of the snacks in our range are formulated to have an energy value of less than 200kcal, a crucial factor in a weight loss process, as you're not supposed to eat too much energy in between meals.

Dehydrated apple cinnamon

Image 1- Apple Cinnamon dehydrated fruit 100kcal

Controlled portions: Coupled with the controlled energy value is the portion size. All our snacks offer the convenience of coming packaged in individual portions, so you can more easily control the quantities you eat. This will make it harder to fall into the temptation to eat on impulse and overeating, which is easy to do when you have a larger package open.

Fruit Ball strawberry

Image 2: Fruit Balls Strawberry 150kcal

Nutritional Density: In addition to controlling the energy value, one of our biggest concerns is the nutritional density of our snacks, so that you don't consume empty calories. In this sense, most of our snacks are a source of protein, fibre and healthy fats, contributing to a longer feeling of satiety, which will make it easier for you to control your portions at subsequent meals and the total energy intake at the end of the day.

Protein Balls With Peanuts and Whey
Image 3: Protein Balls with Whey and peanut cream 140 kcal


Limiting the consumption of added sugars: Most of our snacks have no added white sugar, using natural or alternative sweeteners, or simply just contain naturally occurring sugars. This will help to reduce the constant stimulus to eat more sugar, which in turn may be relevant to weight control.

Coconut cereal bars

Image 4: Cereal Bars Coconut and Chocolate 110 kcal

Convenience: Another point that hinders many weight loss processes is the lack of time to plan meals, to look for or prepare balanced options. And this is another very important point where we can help you. As well as being individually wrapped, all our snacks are ready to eat and require no special storage conditions, so they can be transported and consumed in any context. In addition, all the conditions for preserving the organoleptic, hygiene and food safety characteristics of all the snacks are guaranteed.

Cake cocoa and vanilla

Image 5: Cake cocoa and vanilla 163kcal

Personalised options chosen specifically for you by nutritionists: Last but not least is the issue of personalisation. Through our nutritionist selection service, you don't have to waste time analysing food labels amidst the panoply of options in a hypermarket. You're guaranteed that the snacks selected will be lower in energy and adjusted to your goals and dietary preferences, in order to make this snacking moment not only healthier, but tastier too.

waffer vanilla

Image 6: Waffer Vanilla 158kcal


Taking into account all the points made throughout this article, we can conclude that Oh! My Snacks has several alternatives that fit into a weight loss context!

Of course, it's important to emphasise that snacking represents only a small fraction of your eating day, so it's always important to make sure you make good food choices at all other meals, and that you're followed up individually in a nutritional consultation, as well as maintaining an active lifestyle to promote more effective results.




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