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Healthy snacking

Endless Varieties, Infinite Delight

Hundreds of Healthy Options

More good nutrients: fiber, protein, healthy fat. Less of what you should avoid: sugar and saturated fats

Picked by Nutritionists

Forget the usual health snacks. Our nutritionists pick the healthiest options uniquely for you, considering your tastes

Premium ingredients

Every snack is created from the finest ingredients. Over 800 snacks tested, only the highest-rated making it to your box

In the easy way

Ready to eat

Every snack is packed to be enjoyed on-the-go. No prep, no fridge needed

Constant surprises

Each box is varied and different, bringing you new snacks and flavors.


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Simply scan the QR code to rate your snacks and give feedback to our nutritionists

Optimal Shelf-life

With natural ingredients, built to last. Snacks that stay fresh at room temperature.


Staying healthy means enjoying tasty food - treat your body and boost your mood for overall well-being.

Healthy snacks are boring?

We show you how you can eat healthier while still enjoying your snacks.

Boxes that fit with your taste

Because you're unique, Oh!My Snacks offers sizes that fit you just right. Whether you're a snacking enthusiast or prefer a more moderate approach, we have options to suit your preferences!

20 snacks


30 snacks


60 snacks


What Our Customers Are Saying

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Couldn't recommend enough

"Best choice for snacks. The snacks are not only healthy, but also delicious. I haven't seen such a complete service in a long time. ♥️"

— Inês

There is always something new

"I can only say positive things. Very interesting, tasty and healthy products. There is always something new and unusual combinations of flavors. Fast feedback and delivery."

— Irina

Offering tasty and healthy options

"I'm impressed by the brand's focus on offering tasty and healthy options in a personalised way, making Oh! My Snacks an exceptional choice for those looking for quality and variety.

— Bruno

Was a pleasant surprise

"In a way, my snacks were always a bit boring, because I quickly got bored of my choices.

However, with Oh My Snacks every snack I opened and tasted was a pleasant surprise."

— André

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