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Healthy snacking

Flavour First

Premium ingredients and clients favorites shape our selection. We've tested over 800 snacks to ensure only the tastiest reach you

Hundreds of Tasty Options

More good nutrients: fiber, protein, healthy fat. Less of what you should avoid: sugar and saturated fats

Picked by Nutritionists

We don’t just pick healthy snacks; we pick the healthiest options uniquely for you, considering your goals and preferences

In The Right Portion

Enjoy guilt-free pleasure with controled portion sizes, and between 150 and 250 Kcal, our snacks are made to keep you satiated.

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Each box is varied and different, bringing you new snacks.


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Individually packaged and prepared to eat-on-the-go

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Variety for your taste

Boxes that fit with your taste

Because you're unique, Oh!My Snacks offers sizes that fit you just right. Whether you're a snacking enthusiast or prefer a more moderate approach, we have options to suit your preferences!

20 snacks


30 snacks


60 snacks


What Our Customers Are Saying

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Couldn't recommend enough

"The personal notes, the care taken with the package, the personalization, the quick and free shipping and the delicious snacks are what keeps me coming back for more :)"

— Angel

There is always something new

"I can only say positive things. Very interesting, tasty and healthy products. There is always something new and unusual combinations of flavors. Fast feedback and delivery."

— Irina

Flavors from another world!

"A personalized box of wonderful snacks, with flavors from another world!"

— Manuela

Specific to my own preferences

"I love everything about these snacks. They are very tasty and specific to my own preferences."

— Ana

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