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The easiest way for your team to get the best and healthier snacks

Save time and receive hundreds of delicious, personalized, and unique snacks.


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Healthy and tasty

We thrive for the perfect balance, because we believe that healthy also means tasty!


Don't waste time shopping. We have hundreds of healthy snacks with different tastes: sweet, salty and spicy.

No strings attached

Pausing or unsubscribing is super simple. There is no loyalty period.

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in remote...

No matter the distance, keep a close relationship with your employees and help them have better health habits by offering a personalized box of healthy and delicious snacks.

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...or at the office

Healthy and delicious snacks at the office. We customize your company's needs by selecting snacks that adapt to your employees' nutritional and flavor preferences.

If you want collective personalization, snacks will be delivered according to the team's preferences. If you prefer individual personalization, unique boxes of snacks will be delivered to each member of your team.

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Easy personalization

Rating your snacks will help your team have the best possible experience. Everyone can easily give their feedback through their mobile devices, by scanning the QR code and logging in to your company's account.

"We offered hundreds of Oh!My Snacks boxes to our customers at the end of the year and the feedback was incredible. Not only did we surprise our customers with a different, healthy and super tasty gift, but the entire distribution service."

— Nuno Reis | Head of Business Development

"OH!MY Snacks wants to make employees happy through their mouths… The perfect break for company employees, with personalized and healthy snacks."

— Jornal ECO

Happy workers

Oh!My will help increase the productivity of your workers. A happy stomach makes a happy employee. Reach out and see how we can snack together.