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Next-level healthy snacking

When subscribing, you will get healthy and delicious snacks rich in nutrients, perfectly balanced as all things should be. They are also portion-sized, allowing you to enjoy the snacks without feeling guilty.

Combining nutritional objectives with flavor

Work towards your nutritional goals with snacks that you will love. Your snacks will be selected according to these objectives and your taste preferences, among other variables. To build your box, we first get to know you!

We adapt to your lifestyle

Tell us about your life, and we'll bring you snacks that fit your lifestyle. Our goal is to make your days easier through snacking.

Never-ending personalization

We continuously personalize your boxes. As your lifestyle and needs evolve, your boxes also develop with you. This is why your feedback is essential, and we gladly accept any form of it.

Rate your snacks

You can rate your snacks through the QR code printed on the snack packaging or through your personal account. The ratings will impact your future boxes.

We take feedback seriously

27 000 snack ratings, nearly 700 snacks tested, and dozens of snack specialists involved.

Our service and portfolio keep getting better thanks to the feedback we receive. Your input is always important to us.


Personalized quality

"The service excels in being friendly, flexible, consistent, and genuinely interested in getting to know the customer, whether private or corporate. With each weekly order, we are surprised by the growing variety of products that are as nutritious as they are tasty."

— Joana trustpilot stars

Original and innovative snacks

"Super varied snacks, with original, innovative, and very pleasant flavors.
The ordering process is absolutely personalized, it arrives quickly and very well packaged.
It is amazing to open a box whose contents are surprising and yet seem to have been handpicked by me."

— Cláudia trustpilot stars

Fast and reliable delivery

"An excellent service for those who want personalized and low-calorie snacks. The staff is excellent and very attentive, always taking all customer feedback into consideration."

— Mariana trustpilot stars

Ready to give it a try?

Your snack box, 100% inspired by you, is a few clicks away. Take a quiz to let us know about your preferences. We'll make sure to deliver you snacks that you will love.

*Free shipping. Even though this is a subscription, there is no loyalty period. You can pause or cancel anytime. Literally.