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Picked By Nutritionists

They make your life easier. They're here to figure out what is right for YOU, and you alone, so that you can use your time more efficiently. You can stop worrying about your snacks, they'll handle everything for you.

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No commitments. Pause or unsubscribe anytime, easily.

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Whether it's less sugar, more protein, or specific tastes, share your preferences and tell us about your goals.

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Right at your doorstep. Unbox a selection of healthy snacks, handpicked by our nutritionists just for you.

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Easily scan and rate your snacks. Your feedback helps our nutritionists improve your box to better suit your preferences.

Healthy Snacking

Hundreds of Healthy Options

More good nutrients: fiber, protein, healthy fat. Less of what you should avoid: sugar and saturated fats

Picked by Nutritionists

We don’t just pick healthy snacks; we pick the healthiest options uniquely for you, considering your goals and preferences

In The Right Portion

With controled portion sizes, and between 150 and 250 Kcal, our snacks are made to keep you satiated, without excesses

In the easy way

Time saving

No more wasting time searching and buying snacks.

Flexible subscription

Automatically renews. Pause or cancel whenever you need!

Ready to eat

Individually packaged and prepared to eat on-the-go.

A variety of tasty and health snacks

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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The perfect service for busy people

"The perfect service for busy people. It makes life so much easier in terms of snacks between meals, ensuring that I eat things that are healthy, tasty and, above all, tailored to my personal taste!"

— Luis R.

One less thing to worry about

"I love to get this box of healthy and original snacks delivered at home. One less thing to worry about to make choices."

— Miguel H.

I stopped worrying about buying snacks

"I stopped worrying about buying snacks on a regular basis, now every Monday I receive a box of snacks customized to my tastes."

— Julio

Adjusted to my routine and preferences

"I couldn't be happier with Oh!My Snacks! This solution allows me to receive healthy snacks, adjusted to my routine and preferences, directly in my office and enjoy breaks in the best possible way."

— Joana L.

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